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Parlor Tricks

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Parlor Tricks
After walking into the massage parlor, masseuse Kiarra Kai recognizes her next client, Ryan Keely. She tells her that the class that she teaches Kiarra in isn’t the only one that she handles and she could use some… relief. Cherie DeVille and her protege, Mackenzie Moss, are enjoying each other’s company before their next clients arrive. A man, Ryan Mclane, enters and is instantly infatuated by Mackenzie. While Cherie tries to get his attention, it’s no use, especially once he states that Mackenzie is more his type and that he wants a massage from her. When Whitney Wright mentions that their next appointment is none other than Christie Stevens, Zac Wild is over the moon. He has a HUGE crush on Christie and wishes he could get with her. He’s convinced that he can turn her straight with mind-blowing sex. He just needs Whitney’s help…

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Genres: Massage, Threesomes
Pornstars: Billy Visual, Cherie Deville, Christie Stevens, Kasey Miller, Kiarra Kai, Mackenzie Moss, Ryan Keely, Ryan McLane, Whitney Wright, Zac Wild

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